About Us

Meet The Owner

Kenneth E. Scherr

I've always loved being outside and staying active. While working as a home care aide for disabled veterans, a patient once asked me to help pull some weeds from their garden. Even though it wasn't part of my job, I was happy to help. Seeing the joy it brought them made me realize how much I enjoy working with nature and helping others in simple, meaningful ways. It showed me that I can combine my love for the outdoors with making a difference in people's lives. So I started Tegrity Lawn Care.


Tegrity Lawn Care was founded in 2022 by Kenneth E. Scherr after graduating from the University of Nevada. We are currently going into our third year of operations and plan to invest in an industrial office to hire a full time staff. 


Our Mission is to provide professional landscape services and the freedom to live life relaxed.

Our Vision is to be America's most customer-centric landscape maintenance company, to build a place where people can get any of their landscape needs. 

Values and Principles


We are transparent. 


We take responsibility. 


We do the right thing.


We advance through learning. 


We serve you with dignity. 


We act with care and caution. 


We do better together. 


We take pride in our work.