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Learn about the different Annual Care Plans Tegrity Lawn Care offers! We have carefully designed our service bundles through years of customer feedback to include the most comprehensive list of highly desired services.

Tegrity Basic Care Plan

Season Timeline: April/May Through October/November


Weekly Maintenance

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Edging

Leaf, Stick, Debris Abatement

Bush Trimming

Landscape Weed Control

Turn On/Off Irrigation In Spring/Winter


Healthy Growth And A Maintained Look

Maintain Healthy Grass and Mulch Clippings

Creates A Defined Boarder From Walkways

Enhanced Aesthetics And Prevents Pests

Enhanced Aesthetics And Promotes Health

Enhanced Aesthetics And Prevents Weeds

Timed To Protect Pipes From Freezing

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Tegrity Pro Care Plan

Season Timeline: April/May Through October/November



Spring Fertilizing And Weed Control (2x)

Summer Insect Control (1x)

Fall Fertilizing And Weed Control (2x)


Prevent Weeds And Promote Healthy Growth

Fight Summer Insects and Grubs

Defeat Weeds And Promotes Healthy Growth

Tegrity Expert Care Plan

Season Timeline: April/May And September/Obtober


Aeration (Spring & Fall)

Dethatching (Spring)

Overseeding (Spring & Fall)


Allows Water, Air, And Nutrients To  Roots

Removes Excess Organic Material

Creates New Growth For A Lush Lawn

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Tegrity Winter Care Plan

Season Timeline: November Through March



Snow Shoveling/Pushing

De-Icing Salt Application


Clears Driveway and Walking Path

Melts Ice To Reduce Slip And Falls

Tegrity Weed Control Plan

Season Timeline: March Through October/November


Bi-Weekly Service

Hand Weeding

Pre-Emergent (Spring & Fall)



Maintains Aesthetic Appeal

Removes Weeds From Ground

Helps Prevent Growth

Neutralizes On The Spot

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Individual Services

We offer all of the services provided in our Annual Care Plans as well as our seasonal cleanups as individual services for those only looking for a one time service.

Our List Of Individual Services:

De-Winterize/Winterizing Sprinklers. Mowing. Edging. Fertilizing. Lawn Weed Control. Landscape Weed Control. Lawn Insect Control. Leaf Cleanup. Aeration. Dethatching. Overseeding. Snow Pushing. De-Icing Salt. Top Dressing.

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